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5 Major Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

1. Thinking music is just for dancing

Having music playing before the ceremony can make things less awkward and more welcoming as the guests wait patiently for the ceremony to start. Music during this time and other transitional times throughout the night can help to set the mood and bring the event to life in even the most uneventful moments.

2. Making the processional too modern

Many couples are choosing more nontraditional ways to walk down the aisle, from changing the music, walking down together, or dancing down the aisle. Although this idea may create a fun, laid back atmosphere you want to be careful not to do too much, the more complex the more room for mistake. In addition, you want to make sure that any changes from the norm are acceptable in the venue you have chosen. Some venues especially ones of religious orientation may have restrictions that you’ll want to be respectful of.

3. Not knowing venue restrictions

Speaking of restrictions, the reception venue may have some rules and regulations of their own. Make sure to ask what sound ordinances may be in place at any particular venue and at what times they are enforced. You don’t want to pick a venue only to realize too late that you’ll have to wrap the party up two hours early. You’ll also want to double check on the accessibility of power strips and outlets at any given venue. Some barns and older venues may have very few outlets and will limit where your DJ or band will need to set up and can affect your overall layout for the reception.

4. Choosing a long first dance

Three minutes can start to feel like three hours quicker than you might think when you’re swaying back and forth with a whole crowd watching. Keep your first dance special by keeping it short. If your heart is set on a certain longer song, work with your band or DJ to find the best place to cut the song into a shorter version. This way you and your guests can appreciate this moment without feeling like its being dragged out.

5. Forgetting to make a must play AND do not play list

Making a Must Play list is just as important as making a Do Not Play list. Nothings worse than having a song play that reminds you or your spouse of an old flame. You also want to watch out for any songs that may be your favorite but are not necessarily appropriate for this setting and crowd. You want to keep the songs PG for the elderly and the children. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your band can play your must haves or give them enough advance notice for them to learn the desired songs.

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