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Lighting for your Perfect Wedding day!

Gorgeous, unforgettable weddings are not easy to plan – not even remotely. There are a lot of elements you will have to carefully consider – and your wedding lighting is definitely not the least important one.

On the contrary, actually, good lighting has the amazing power of transforming spaces almost instantly. Thus, you will surely want to give your lighting some good thinking before you settle on anything.

Why is it that lighting is so important for a wedding? We have gathered some reasons to convince you – so read on and find out more.

  • It can add uniqueness to your big day. You want your wedding to be just as special as your love story is – and good lighting has the ability to help you with this. Even the blandest, most simple space can be transformed into a gorgeous venue when the right lighting appliances are used!

  • It can complement your wedding theme. These days, there are many lighting options to choose from – and each of them will create a special kind of ambiance to complement your wedding theme. For instance, up lighting is used when you want to add a pop of color to your wedding décor. Furthermore, Gobo lights are used to project stencils with your monograms (or any other message) and they are suitable for both formal and very informal weddings. Last, but not least, outdoor lighting (such as festoon lights, candles or paper lanterns) are used to create a romantic atmosphere for an outdoor event (but they can be frequently brought indoors as well).

  • It can make your guests feel great. Your wedding lighting can have a huge influence on the atmosphere created at your wedding – and thus, it can definitely change your guests’ mood as well. For example, the right lighting can relax them for a delicious dinner, but it can also boost their spirits for some good rounds of dancing too.

Searching for lighting professionals that will make your venue pop with elegance, grace and uniqueness? Contact Nev Productions today to make your wedding look like none other!

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