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DJ vs. Band

Many people underestimate the power of entertainment on their wedding day. It may seem like one of the less important vendors to book but that couldn't be more wrong. The music at your reception sets the tone for the rest of the night so you'll want put some thought into how you envision the night going and what kind of music will fit best. Here are a couple questions you and your fiance may want to consider before making the choice between a DJ or Band for your special day.

What music genre most reflects you and your finance?

You may be more KISS and he may be a little more Beyonce. If you and your fiance are all over the place with music choices, getting a DJ who can play it all might be the way to go.

How much money in your budget do you have allocated to entertainment?

DJ’s tend to be less costly because there are less people to pay as opposed to a 6 piece band. If you have the budget why not do both. Your band can set the mood during dinner and first dance, then the DJ can turn up the volume when it's time for everyone to hit the dance floor.

How much space does your venue allocate for entertainment? Would there be enough room for a larger band?

Electrical power? You maybe limited on choices based on your venue set up. How big your band is depends on where the outlets are at the venue. If you have limited space it’ll be hard to squeeze in a 6 piece band, while a DJ and his or her booth may fit perfectly. You’ll also want to speak with the venue host about noise limits so you can inform your band or DJ ahead of time and plan out the evening accordingly.


Bands have the advantage of being live which gives your wedding a more sophisticated, warm feel. Unfortunately they also have a limited repertoire and often charge extra for any additional songs you request as then will have to learn how to play them. Band leaders can often also take on the role of master of ceremonies. Bring it up when meeting with your band to see which will give you the most for their money.


DJ’d on the other hand will most likely be able to play anything you could ever want. If they don’t already have it, with prior notice, can easily get a requested song. Try not to plan out the whole night, song for song, the DJ most likely will not be able to find time to play everything you and your guests request so make sure to make it clear which songs are an absolute must and which would just be nice to hear. Most DJ’s are also trained emcees and can work with the planner to announce big wedding moments like the first dance and cake cutting. Give them a timeline to work with so they can help transition your guests into these moments. That being said a DJ with a less than engaging personality can totally kill the vibe so make sure to meet with your DJ to see if your personalities match!

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