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How To Keep Up With Changes In The Event Industry

It comes has no surprise that mobile technology is changing every aspect of our lives. What is surprising, however, is the need for technology within the event industry.

According to an Entrepreneur article, there are four major ways technology is changing the event industry game.

The first major influence- ticket sales are now going mobile. In the 21st century, almost everyone has and regularly uses their mobile devise. With ticket sells becoming mobile, there are more opportunities for fans to access and interact with an event. Fans want to be apart of an event, not just merely a bystander. Consumers want to have integrated mobile experiences at events. One study found an upwards of 94% more interactions with fans during an event with integrated mobile experiences.

The second influence technology has on the event industry is cost. Integration of certain tech products has reduced cost, and generated revenue. Now all marketing efforts, confirmed attendance, and ticket sells can all be accessed through an app or other mobile platforms. Saving more and spending less.

Data collection is another hugely important aspect of technology's influence on the event industry. However, its potential is being neglected. Event tech expert Mike Piddock proclaims that, "Event tech gathers data, during both live events and presentations, and dips into social media profiles to better understand event communities." Information such as this can help event professionals collect data from attendees, like locations, search engines, recent purchases, etc. This in depth understanding is quickly becoming a "must have" rather than a "nice to have" as now there is more possibility to alter an event according to its attendee's interests.

Lastly, technology keeps up with the trends. Every day there are minor and sometimes drastic changes within every industry. It is nearly impossible for humans to keep up with these changes, which is why technology can be used to our advantage. Trends that may occur in the future within the event industry are cashless events, virtual attendance, or even virtual reality demonstrations.

In conclusion, it is paramount that the event industry sustains its relationship with technology. There are endless possibilities to serve and entertain the masses when both are working together.

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