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Frequent Questions

Once I decide I like one of your bands, ensembles, or DJs how long can I wait before I book them?

It is best to book the bands as soon as possible. Most bands, ensembles and DJs are booked over a year in advance and are secured by a deposit.

Can I place a hold without a deposit? 

As much as we would love to accommodate our clients, we cannot place a hold on bands, ensembles or DJs without a deposit.

What time does the band/DJ get there to set up?

The band/dj will be completely set up and ready to play at least 15 minutes before the designated start time.

How many songs does a band play?

Typically, a band can play approximately 40-50 songs over a four-hour time period.

How many breaks does the musician/band/DJ take during the event? 

If you have not contracted for continuous music, a band/musician will take three 15 minute breaks during the event and a DJ will take one 30 minute break at an agreed upon time. All of the times are fully negotiable.

What is continuous music? 

Continuous music ensures that there will always be at least three musicians playing at all times. In the event of a DJ, we will schedule an assistant to cover when the DJ takes his/her 30 minute break. There is an extra charge for this option.

Will the bands/ensemble/DJs bring MP3 music to play during the breaks? 

Yes. They will bring music similar to their live repertoire to play. You are always welcome to provide them with your own music, or we can provide you with a DJ to play during breaks at a low cost.

What if I need to change the performance time that is on my contract?

Please let us know immediately so that we can inform the artists. This will avoid any possible scheduling conflicts. No timeline changes can be made within 4 days of your event.

Will Nev Productions send the final timeline to vendors before the event? 

Yes. The week of your event, we will email all of the vendors whose contact information you have provided us on your worksheet.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes we do. We accept cash, credit cards and checks.

What if I want the musician, band or DJ to play overtime? 

Your contract will indicate the cost per half hour for overtime. If you decide that you want the musician or DJ to play beyond their contracted time, please let the bandleader, musician or DJ know at the event. You will be asked to sign an overtime authorization sheet and we will invoice you after the event. There is no need to pay us on the day of your event for overtime.

Is tipping the artists appropriate? 

Tips are not expected but are certainly appreciated.

Can I give the band the final payment on the day of my event?

No. As your contract states, final payments are due two weeks prior to your event. Our artists do not handle payments.

What happens if one of the band members, DJs or artists gets sick?

We will replace him/her with a musician or artists of equal or better talent.

Does the bandleader/DJ act as an MC as well? 

Yes. Either the bandleader, the lead vocalists or DJ will MC your event. They are professionally trained to do so. We do also have trained actors, voice-over artists and emcees at an additional cost.

What will the band or DJs wear to my event? 

This is up to you. It can be Black Tie (tuxedos & black dresses), black suits and ties, all black or something less formal (ie. casual, costumes, etc…).

What are the electrical power requirements? 

All of our artists and DJs require atleast two 20-amp dedicated circuits. For our bands it's depending on the size of the band.

How much room do the musicians or DJ need? 

This varies depending on the size of your ensemble or DJ setup. Typically, the minimum stage size is 8’x16’ for smaller band configurations.  However, it may go as large as 12’x24’ for larger bands. Our DJs require at least a 6'x8' area.

Do I need to provide meals for the band? 

This will be indicated on your contract. Most event sites sell ‘vendor meals’ which are much less expensive than what you would have for your guests.

Do the bands, ensembles or DJs bring their own lighting? 

No, but we can provide you with a full list of professional lighting that we supply at an additional cost. We do ask that you please provide heaters for the band, musicians or DJs if the conditions are cold.

What instruments make up a string trio, flute quartet, jazz trio and jazz quartet?

String trio = violin, viola and cello

Flute quartet = flute, violin, viola and cello

Jazz trio = guitar, double bass and piano

Jazz quartet = saxophone, guitar, double bass and piano

Note: singer/s can be added to any of the above ensembles

What if I want the DJ or musicians to perform a song that is not on their list? 

If you have any special requests, please let us know AT LEAST two weeks PRIOR to your event. If you or your guests have any special requests on the day of your event, our musicians and DJs will be more than happy to accommodate you if they can play or have the song in their music library.

Will we have a chance to speak with our bandleader/musicians/DJ prior to the event?

We will set up a meeting with you and the bandleader/musicians/DJ, but overall Nev Productions acts as the liaison between clients and artists. Many of our musicians and artists maintain a busy performance schedule. If there are specific concerns that need to be addressed, we will gladly pass along the information to the artists as we are in constant communication with them regarding your event. 

Does your photobooth print?

Yes it does right at your event, you also receive a link to a drop box folder 3days after your event where you can copy or download all your event photos and this will stay up online for 2weeks.

What do we get with your photobooth?

You receive the following:

Photobooth, props, photo strips, dropbox link, attendant and awesomeness!

Do you provide planning services?

Yes WE DO!!!

Please click here to view all our planning services


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