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DJ, emcee, music curator, party starter and deep house music enthusiast alike, Christina Flame hails out of Los Angeles, CA. 

Having spent years playing at local lounges in the Bay Area, holding residencies at local clubs and lounges, DJing special events and promoting her business, Christina has had a lot of time to develop her sound. She has a very impressive list of repeat clients, including Google, Facebook, Intel, Samsung, eBay and Women’s Health Magazine, to name a few. She was even featured in PC Magazine for being the number one Booth Babe and Las Vegas’ 2016 International  CES, which had over 160,000 attendees.

When not performing, Christina spends her time working with kids and collaborating with other industry talent. Her journey began with an upbringing in a very musically-influenced home, followed by selling her self-branded mixtapes in high school and owning a space on college radio WMHC 95.1.

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