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10 Corporate Party Themes You’ll Love

Corporate parties are a fantastic opportunity to show your appreciation for everything that your colleagues or employees do. Corporate events allow for bonding and also a time where the people of the company can relax and have a good time. It may be hard to come up with a theme that hasn’t been used time and time again, so here are ten themes for an exciting corporate event.

  1. James Bond This theme would be for a formal affair, black tie of course. Get inspired by everything spy: the silhouette décor, tuxedo fold napkins, showcase one of his famous cars, welcome packets in envelopes stamped with “CONFIDENTIAL” or “TOP SECRET”. And of course lots of martinis, shaken not stirred.

  2. Alice in Wonderland Everyone knows the story of Alice, and it would be a wonderful opportunity to display the whimsical decorations that go along with the story. A hallway mimicking her fall down the rabbit hole would be a perfect entrance to the party. Don’t forget to have “Eat me” cakes, cards, clocks, specialty themed drinks, and mismatched teacups.

  3. Great Gatsby Take your guests back to the Roaring 20’s, the time of flappers and speakeasies. The sounds of a 10-Piece Big Band would give the perfect tone to the event. Make sure that there is an appropriate dress code, retro cocktails, and password to the speakeasy. If you need to shuttle your guests, you could even hire cars from the era to do so. The extravagance of Gatsby should exude from everywhere: confetti, stylishly dressed women, and “Prohibition Banned” marked crates.

  4. Candy/Dessert There is nothing more chic or cheerier than champagne and desserts. This would be a perfect way to showcase some local confectionary companies or bakeries.

  5. Circus/Carnival Bring back memories of younger days by throwing a circus or carnival themed party. A giant, plastic elephant could greet guests with a welcome sign, and servers could be dressed in the traditional white and red stripes or as ring masters. Despite what you might think, it would be easy to elegantly serve traditional carnival food! This would be the perfect opportunity to hire a cirque act to bring your event to the next level and be a true circus act.

  6. 50’s Sock Hop A personalized juke box invitation would be the perfect start to this party. Vinyls, old Coca-Cola glasses, 50’s era cars, poodle skirts, leather jackets, and a sock hop menu will bring your guests way back! Possibly include a drive-in section to bring some more nostalgia.

  7. Anchors Away Ahoy, Captain! Get ready to set sail and take your guests on a cruise of fun. Invite them with a customized boarding pass invitation with some Lifesavers included. Don’t forget to include classic games like shuffle board! This theme could easily be adapted into a day time party and held by a pool! Captain’s hats included.

  8. Masquerade Including a mask with your invitation for each guest may give them more a clue to the dress code and theme of the corporate event, whether you want to make it more formal or more casual. The masquerade aspect could be adapted to any theme that you chose, just decorate accordingly. Hiring some special acts for entertainment will be sure to keep your guests excited all night long.

  9. Travel Let your guests travel around the world without leaving the ballroom! Several different countries could have a food station, showcasing typical and popular foods from that region. Maps and globes would be pertinent for the decorations, and lots of props to dress up at the photobooth!

  10. Tropical Who doesn’t want a tropical get away? This would be a good opportunity to have a casual party filled with Aloha shirts. Only tropical cocktails and good vibes would be allowed at this party! Depending on where you wanted the base your tropical theme, you could serve dinner in the style of a luau or make sure to include lots of rum from the Caribbean!

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