At Nev Productions our goal is to make beautiful cinematic videos that is not only alluring but also capture and convey the love and joy that your special day is filled with.


NEV BASIC:   $1850

  • 3 to 5 minute highlight video of the entire days proceedings including couple getting prepared all the way to the last event.

  • A single camera wide angle shot of the ceremony and reception speeches as a separate video.


NEV UPGRADE:   $2300

  • Contains 3 to 5 minute highlight video as in The Flats package.

  • 2 camera edit of the entire ceremony and reception speeches.



  • 15 to 20 minute short film/documentary on the wedding with pre-wedding interviews with the couple.

  • Also includes the 2 camera coverage of the ceremony and reception speeches.


NEV PRO:   $3300

  • Contains 3 to 5 minute highlight video.

  • 15 to 20 minute short film ceremony and reception video.

  • 2 camera edit of the entire ceremony and reception speeches.


  • We deliver top-quality entertainment experiences for the moments in life that matter.


    Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a large-scale corporate event, we create the perfect, customized atmosphere to take each event to the next level.

  • Please read this rider carefully. It will be part of the contract if booked.



    Unless otherwise negotiated, if our Nev Productions is providing HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS a predetermined number of rooms will be required. The rooms shall be available until the day after the performance and all our artists will comply with checkout times and hotel rules. Nev Productions will arrange reservations with an agreed upon hotel. The expenses shall be paid by OUR CLIENT prior to arrival. The CLIENT shall not be responsible for any extra charges during the stay of our artists.



    PARKING: Parking should be provided at no cost to our artist at or close to the venue.

    STAGE: Requirements for the size (ONLY IF NEEDED) of the stage will preferably be 12’x6’.


    GREEN ROOM: Green room will be provided by the CLIENT for the disposal of our artists. The room will be for storage, changing, eating, etc.


    MEAL REQUIREMENTS: If the event is three hours or more the CLIENT must provide a “square” meal for each technician.

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