We provide all of the following AV Rentals


  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired Microphones
  • 8 channel (analog) audio board
  • 16 & 32 channel (digital) audio boards (ONLY with tech)
  • Pro amplified sound (QSC and JBL)
  • Battery Powered Uplights
  • Par Can Lights
  • Dance Lighting (New LED)
  • Intelligent Lighting (ONLY with tech)
  • HD 4K Projector and Screen
  • Trussing and Staging


Call to get pricing for any of the above mentioned equipment.

Rental Items

  • We deliver top-quality entertainment experiences for the moments in life that matter.


    Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a large-scale corporate event, we create the perfect, customized atmosphere to take each event to the next level.

  • Please read this rider carefully. It will be part of the contract for renting items.



    PARKING: Parking should be provided at no cost to our artist at or close to the venue.


    GREEN ROOM: Green room will be provided by the CLIENT for the disposal of our attendant. The room will be for storage, changing, eating, etc.


    MEAL REQUIREMENTS: If the event is three hours or more the CLIENT must provide a “square” meal for each artist, performer or technician.



    Power requirements are based on the equipment and setup. Not all items require power. Client to always provide power unless otherwise agreed.