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Karoake DJ/Emcee and Assistant if needed




Karoake System: 50,000+ Karaoke songs that includes a variety of genres including some of the newest hits via our computer karaoke system.

Sound System: Two high powered speakers with mixing console, 2x microphone stands, 2x corded microphones, and complete music library for dancing if needed.

Video System: 1x 32" TV for monitor, HD projector and Screen for audience viewing.




1x Dance Floor Wash Light

1x Dance Effect Lighting


Up to 4 hours of coverage which includes 1 planning meeting.

Karaoke Party Experience

  • Our DJs / Emcees work with our clients to customize a soundtrack and planning perfect for their event.  They're comfortable with any crowd, event and genre or style - from weddings to corporate and private events then our music we cover Top 40, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Bollywood, Salsa...whatever you need, we can handle and do it!

    Our emphasis is on the music, dance floor and our clients. You can count on a clever and fun playlist, a packed dance floor with fun yet professional emcees focused on customer service from the moment you contact us until the last song of the night.  All of our DJs / Emcees are trained and have degrees either in acting, business, engineering or music production. You can expect nothing but the best from all of our talent.

  • Please read this rider carefully. It will be part of the contract for booking talent.



    PARKING: Parking should be provided at no cost to our artist at or close to the venue.

    STAGE: Requirements for the size (ONLY IF NEEDED) of the stage will preferably be 12’x6’.


    GREEN ROOM: Green room will be provided by the CLIENT for the disposal of our artists. The room will be for storage, changing, eating, etc.


    MEAL REQUIREMENTS: If the event is three hours or more the CLIENT must provide a “square” meal for each artist or technician.



    Power requirements are based on the size of the ARTIST Setup and the equipment used.


    * Sixty amps (Three 20-Amp circuits) of clean 110 volt AC power should be dedicated to the band. The power must be accessible through three or more grounded AC outlets within ten feet of setup area.


    Should the CLIENT be providing sound equipment, the system shall meet the following requirements. The system and its components shall be in full working order, with no buzzes, hums, beeps, crackles, clicks or other extraneous noises, and will be free from radio interference.


    SPEAKERS: The required amount of speakers shall depend on the amount of attendees. All speakers and subwoofers must be 1000 watts and made by JBL, QSC or EV. 0-99 guests: Two 15” speakers. 100-199 guests: Four 12” speakers. 200-499 guests: Six 12” speakers, two 18” subwoofers. 500+ guests: Eight 12” speakers, four 18” subwoofers.


    SNAKE: Minimum 24in, 8 return, long enough for venue. (IF NEEDED)


    MIC STANDS: Six tall booms in good working order, no tape holding them together, with 6 clips.


    MICS: Nev Productions can supply all mics. We will require two DI’s and please have some mics available for backup, Shure SM58’s 57’s etc.


    CABLES: Minimum 16 mic cables, long enough to traverse stage from musician to stage box; Two 120V AC outlet as marked, and all other necessary cables.

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