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Our Photo Booth is interactive, open and fun.




2 Hours = $450

3 Hours = $600

4 Hours = $750


The Booth comes with the following:


  1. Booth
  2. Printer
  3. Draping (Gold, Silver or Black)
  4. Attendant
  5. Free prints with your own custom logo


Extra options at an additional cost:


  • Free share on instragram and facebook via iPad
  • Free email of photo's via iPad
  • Green Screen with custom backgrounds
  • Scrap Book

Photo Booth Fun

    • Our booths are clean, simple, fun and complete with the best equipment to provide quality service.


    • Our booths can be customized - we’ll fit in perfectly at any event! Pinky-swear.


    • Want to take home a photo? Done deal. We have fast, on-site printing.


    • Go ahead. Share all your photos on social media, right at the booth!


    • Can’t find your photos at the end of the night? It’s cool - we provide you with a USB drive of all your photos
  • Please read this rider carefully. It will be part of the contract if booked.



    PARKING: Parking should be provided at no cost to our artist at or close to the venue.


    GREEN ROOM: Green room will be provided by the CLIENT for the disposal of our attendant. The room will be for storage, changing, eating, etc.


    MEAL REQUIREMENTS: If the event is three hours or more the CLIENT must provide a “square” meal for each attendant or technician.



    Power requirements are based on the size of the booth and the equipment used.


    Forty amps (two 20-Amp circuits) of clean 110 volt AC power should be dedicated to the band. The power must be accessible through three or more grounded AC outlets within ten feet of the stage.

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