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We provide all of the following Entertainment Add On's


  • Cirque Acts
  • String Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Promoters
  • Casino Tables with Staff
  • Seasonal Acts
  • Magicians
  • Solo Music Artists
  • Mariachi Bands
  • Freak Show


Call to get pricing for any of the above mentioned acts or entertainment.

Add On Entertainment

  • We deliver top-quality entertainment experiences for the moments in life that matter.


    Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a large-scale corporate event, we create the perfect, customized atmosphere to take each event to the next level.

  • Please read this rider carefully. It will be part of the contract for booking talent.




    All acts have a minimum of either 1 or 2 hour booking time. When you enquire we will provide you with all the details necessary.



    PARKING: Parking should be provided at no cost to our artist at or close to the venue.


    GREEN ROOM: Green room will be provided by the CLIENT for the disposal of our attendant. The room will be for storage, changing, eating, etc.


    MEAL REQUIREMENTS: If the event is three hours or more the CLIENT must provide a “square” meal for each artist, performer or technician.



    Power requirements are based on the size of the act or artists setup and the equipment used. Not all acts require power. Depending on the Act you will recieve a rider pertaining that act or talent at time of enquiry.

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