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Born and raised in Queens, New York, entertainment has always been apart of Isaac's lifestyle. At the age of 10, his parents bought him his first DJ turntables and his journey began as a DJ. He began building his name and became known as “old soul”, the young old school DJ. But the label as DJ would soon become irrelevant.


As the years went on, he discovered what many would call his gift from god; the microphone. Once he got a mic in his possession, there was no getting it back and thus MC Isaac AKA Asstrokid was formed. With an old soul functioning in a young body, he has the capability to get down with the “old” and turn up with the “new”. As he built his reputation as an MC he began to realize that the majority of his bookings were only for MCing and that his first love, (DJing), was fading to the wayside. So he came up with the idea to incorporate both by calling himself “Asstrokid ThEntertainer” which we at Nev Productions could not be more excited to have onboard. 


His motto is “You throw the parties, he’ll move the bodies”

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