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Brian Pan

BPan - a name that speaks to his personable professionalism. Brian Pan is a young, ambitious Emcee whose passion for the stage began when he was eight, accompanying his single mother’s footsteps as a special events speaker and vocalist. He is currently completing his Bachelors of Arts at the University of California and has bridged his reputation as an charismatic yet polished Emcee in Southern California.

Brian has organized and hosted many successes and smiles of happy couples from the Pacific Palms Resort’s sunset balcony to the San Gabriel Hilton’s laser lit ballrooms and our upbeat and fun corporate parties in Santa Monica. His charisma and talent with the mic has even led him to share the stage with Hong Kong’s renowned actress Nancy Sit at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. The resounding consensus among his audiences is that Brian always engages each person and leaves them captivated, laughing, and not wanting to return home. Brian’s own unique style and artistry lies in his three C’s: classy, classic and charming.

Whether it be in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Spanish, any event would not be complete without Brian on the mic. Brian Pan is undoubtedly one of our best Emcees who is ready to take on your special day and exceed your expectations.

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