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Ashley was born with music in her DNA. As a young child she was exposed to her father’s DJ Service company, and tagged along to several gigs. While he would spin she would study the crowd and learn the true power and influence music had over people. Party after party, song after song, hit after hit, the music just coursed through her veins. She just knew that this life was for her. She had a calling.

Ashley has performed along-side artists such as DJ Turbulance, DJ Vice, Arty, Rebel, DJ Kryponite, DJ Bling, DJ Ricky Jay, Patrick Holmes, Sweet P, and more! She's gained a DJ residancy on Ventura County's 103.3 The Vibe spinning live on the air for The Morning Rush with Spencer and The Drive at Five.


Now in her 20's, she has been able to take all she had learned from her father combined with her undying love for music and develop her own seductive style that partygoers and college crowds cannot resist. Her signature hard-hitting drops, sexy transitions, and unbelievable mash-ups fill dance floors and enable the audience to make memories they will never forget.

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